Collecting (14) – Renato Roque’s Dreams

I bought this item a long time ago, in 1994 or 1995, at a photo festival that was held every year in the Portuguese town of Coimbra. It is a simple, discrete, and yet beautiful collectible piece by the Portuguese photographer Renato Roque (b.1952), consisting of eight small format postcards, stacked in a thick paper envelope and tied with a white nylon twine. The title, in Portuguese, os sonhos são a preto e branco, translates to something like dreams are in black and white; and, effectively, these images look like (amplified) details of that region where surrealism meets expressionism — Hitchcock’s (and Dali’s!) Spellbound comes immediately to my mind as I browse through the photos.  The envelope and the photos are not numbered and there is no indication of how many sets have been released. An extended version of the work (twenty-five cibachrome 40×50 cm prints from black-and-white negatives) was exhibited at the Imagolucis gallery, in Oporto, and later in France and Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal).

Carlos M. Fernandes

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