Collecting (10) – Catalogo Descriptivo de Photographias

Bellos modelos do nu e admiraveis phantasias picantes

This is a funny and bizarre item I found in an antiquarian bookseller in Lisbon: a catalog of erotic (porno?) photographs (photographias galantes), not dated, but probably from the first third of the 20th century. It comes with no images, just descriptions, in naïf, silly and vulgar rhymes, of sets of photographs supposedly depicting typical erotic fantasies and fetishes — a woman and two men, a man and two women, two cousins, and, believe it or not, a man, a woman and a little girl (menina, in Portuguese)! Those photographs could be ordered and sent by mail, and the catalog provides the prices, according to the number of photos, their size and type of paper (albumen, platinum prints, glass negatives, etc.). There is an introduction by the editor proudly presenting the product, which, he states, could not be found until then in Portugal.

Carlos M. Fernandes

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