Gesta Hungarorum

My new project as a curator:


On September 2009, Luís Trindade, P4Photography’s director, went to Budapest on a short business trip. After 3 days wading through vintage prints, rare books and Hungarian photographers

’ exhibitions, Luís took the last afternoon off and headed to the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath. He stayed there for three hours, relaxing on the sulfurous waters supplied by thermal springs. When he left, he passed the chess players that use to sit on the benches outside the baths’ building and crossed the Kós Karoly promenade, the road that splits Varosliget Park in two, to visit the Vajdahunyad Castle and touch the pen in the Statue of the Anonymous (were Erdős and his colleagues used to meet and discuss mathematics). A few steps from the statue he noticed a 4GB memory stick on the floor that was almost completely covered with dirt. (…)

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Carlos M. Fernandes


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