Inside [Art and Science]

Inside gathers 22 artists that interact with science, and aims at bridging the gaps between natural sciences and humanities. The exhibition opens at Cordoaria (Lisbon) on the September 24. I will contribute to the it with an artwork based on Pherographia, and also with a text on art, science and consilience that will appear in the catalogue:

When once asked what he would have liked to be if not a neurologist, Egas Moniz (1874-1955) replied: a painter, if I just had the skills. This statement, which is not surprising for those who are aware of the tight links between art and science and the related nature of scientific and artistic creativity, is the perfect starting point for some thoughts on the role (and the meaning) of talent, not only in art, but also in the realm of scientific research and development. The discussion will drive us to through the importance of talent and creativity in art and in the contemporary movements that merge it with science, of which artificial art is one of the branches.

Carlos M. Fernandes

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