Collecting (5) – El Arte en España

El Arte en Espana 1 capa

El Arte en Espana 1 b

El Arte en España nº1: Catedral de Burgos

This is the first in a series of 34 books devoted to the art in Spain, namely in such places like the Alhambra, the Escorial and Seville’s Alcazar. Text in Spanish, French and English by Vicente Lampérez y Romera (1861-1923); 48 illustrations. Thomas Edition. Published in 1920. This one I found in a secondhand bookshop in calle Gracia, in Granada.

The chief monument of the capital of Castile is one of the most remarkable creations of that magnificent Gothic art, which, after so many vicissitudes and digressions, resulted in the thirteenth century in a style which is the synthesis and epitome of Christian mysticism and at the same time one of the most sublime conceptions of the human genius. The Cathedral of Burgos is even more than this, for the artists of every age have expended their enthusiasm and their inspiration upon it, and made it a museum of all the arts.

Vicente Lampérez y Romera

Carlos M. Fernandes


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