Collecting (4)

Another set of postcard, with several views of Tangier, Morocco, also found in Berlin’s flea market.




Carlos M. Fernandes

3 responses to “Collecting (4)

  1. Hello Carlos,
    I am from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I came across your post because I post a lot of vintage postcards on my blog and I was “surfing” postcard sites.
    I like your postcard booklets. I have a few myself (although they are Canadian) but it’s rare to see them posted online.
    If you would like to share your postcards with a lot of other bloggers I invite you to join us at A Festival of Postcards which is hosted at my site.
    Bye for now,
    Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    my main interest is Photography and, of course, if I find a fine postcard or booklet with photos then I try to get it. I don’t have much more than those that I posted, but I will check your blog and see I if can contribute with something interesting.
    Thank you for visit and comment.
    Carlos M.

  3. You have so many magnificent photographs that I was hopeful you might have some postcards tucked away on this month’s theme of WHEELS.
    Thank you in any case for your reply, and I will continue to visit your site!
    Evelyn in Montreal

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