Rafael Garzón (1863-1923)

Rafael Garzon Rodriguez was born in Granada in 1863 and died in 1923 in the same city. He founded his studio in the Alhambra Hill in Granada in 1893 and later he opened studios in Seville and Cordoba. He photographed systematically the landscapes, monuments, streets and people of Southern Spain, building an impressive and unique collection of photos of Andaluzian cities. In his studios, he used to portray people dressed up in Moorish customs. Garzón collaborated with the Portafolio Fotográfico and España Artística (collectable series of photographs published in Spain in the end of the nineteenth century). Publio López Mondéjar, the famous historian of Spanish Photography, puts him amongst the photographers that escaped the vulgarity of many late nineteenth century portraitists.


Spanish. Seven photographs of monuments and traditions of Granada and Seville. Albumen prints. 18 x 23.5 cm. May 7th, another P4Photography auction.

Carlos M. Fernandes


One response to “Rafael Garzón (1863-1923)

  1. I have never punched my e-mail address into any comment box, so I hope it is not abused. I received from my grandmother a matchbox with a picture on it with the name of Rafael Garzon on it. This was 40 years ago. Who knows how old it is. Inside of it resides a tiny box with painte fleas dressed as a bride and groom. I have been trying for years to get info on these fleas and also the matchbox. Only today did I find a small bit of info. Maybe someone can give me some more info about this small inheritence from grandma. No pun intended. Really!

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