Auction Pherographia

In this paper, we analyzed an image processing tool, based on an Artificial Life model, that may be regarded (metaphorically or not) as a modern version of the old camera obscura, the apparatus that was first used as canvas for the artist’s pencil, and later, with the invention of Photography, became the camera that records the lines drawn by the pencil of nature. The camera obscura for ants evolves monochromatic drawings out of artificial pheromone fields and ants’ positions in the environment. To the results attained by representing the pheromone fields, we called Pherographia: drawing by pheromones. The system is also able to react to changing environments and self-adapt to new images, an ability that give us the opportunity to generate videos that illustrate not only the emergence of global perception but also the swarm’s capacity to “forget” previous images and create new cognitive maps.
Excepting Muybridge’s pictures (and Lena’s image on Appendix A), the drawings presented in this paper were obtained by evolving the swarm on black-and-white negatives found in a flea market, and are part of a work in progress that aims at mixing vernacular photography [34] and Pherographia.

Carlos M. Fernandes, in Pherographia: Drawing By Ants (to appear soon).

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