Carlos M. Fernandes, A Man Drawn By Ants, 2008

The face that you see here is that of Fernando Pessoa, the most inventive of the Portuguese poets. As far as we know, Pessoa considered himself a son and devotee of the Portuguese language, and not of Portugal.

The Portuguese government wants to confiscate his legacy, treating him and his descendents like ants submitted to the rules of the colony. Treated like a social insect, the poor wretch ended up being drawn by ants.

Oh the vagaries of human life…! His memory is kept captive by the rulers of the regime, and no one has even bothered to rescue him.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’d better pass along for fear of offending your sense of Liberty, for as you can observe, this gentleman’s heritage is starting to droop on the hands of such abusive men.
(Na P4Photography)

Carlos Miguel Fernandes

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