Cutileiro at P4Photography

João Cutileiro, a sculptor who was born in Lisbon in 1937 and who has an international reputation for his marble sculptures, has always been involved in photography. He exhibited his photographs for the first time in a solo show in 1961, a mere nine years after his paintings, sculptures and ceramics were presented in Monsaraz and Évora (his first exhibition when he was only 15 years old). Since then, he has not stopped taking and exhibiting – although sparsely -his photographs. Besides being a sculptor, Cutileiro is, undoubtedly, a photographer. He was deeply involved in the so-called Portuguese photo renaissance in the 1950s. As a matter of fact, in the late 1950s he even worked as a professional photographer, receiving commissions from fellow artists and commercial firms. He also photographed his friends, relatives and acquaintances, thus building a gallery of portraits that encompasses two generations of prominent Portuguese men and women. With those portraits, and also with the pictures that captured the street life of London (where he lived between 1955 and 1970), Cutileiro acted as a witness to the libertarian atmosphere and sexual freedom of the city. Finally, he he has always been and still is, a photographer of his own sculptures.


Alexandre Pomar/Carlos M. Fernandes (with a very special thanks to Jorge Calado)

The rest you may find it on a catalogue that will be released in a few days. The book comes with reproductions of all the photos in the exhibition and auction (October 23). You may order it at P4. Please note that this is surely one of the (if not the) most complete publications of Cutileiro’s photos.

Catalogue’s front cover

Carlos Miguel Fernandes


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  1. Não me faça isso Porfírio… 🙂

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