The first reference to this new weblog comes from Machina Speculatrix, authored by Porfírio Silva, to whom I thank the kind words.

And since this blog is starting to become “public”, it is time to explain it.

This blog is primarily written in English, but, occasionally, Portuguese will be used (and maybe Spanish). Given that I am not an English native speaker, I apologize for any syntax and grammar errors that may occasionally appear in the posts (I hope not very often). I will discuss and announce anything related with Photography (books, exhibitions, essays, etc) but a special attention will be given to my work and P4Photography events, although Carlos M. Fernandes – Photography is far from being the official P4’s weblog. All texts, opinions and critics are of my entire responsibility and do necessarily reflect P4’s position.

Carlos Miguel Fernandes

P.S. I also created a weblog about bio-inspired computation. Here. The same I wrote above applies to this blog, if we replace P4 by Laseeb and Geneura, “my” labs.


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