Carlos M. Fernandes

Carlos M. Fernandes was born in Luanda (Angola) in 1973 and lives between Lisbon (Portugal) and Granada (Spain). He studied photography at Ar.Co, in Lisbon (1994-96). He graduated (1998) in Electrotechnics Engineering and owns a master degree in the same field since 2002. He is currently pursuing a Ph.d. on Bio-inspired Computing. From 2001 to 2005 he teached at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal. He is also a photography teacher at NAF since 1996.

He participated in several group and solo exhibitions, namely Kaluptein (solo, Lisbon, 2001), I-S-T 95-75-15 (solo, Lisbon, 2006), Cinqoenta Fotógrafos (group, Caceres, Espanha, 2005), Ingenuity – Photography and Engineering 1846-2006 (group, Lisbon and Brussels, 2007) and Atlas (group, P4Photography, Lisbon, 2007). He published the books Kaluptein (2001) and I-S-T 95-75-15 (2006). He is is represented in Lisbon by the P4Photography Gallery.

Carlos M. Fernandes


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